Monday, December 17, 2012

tough goodbyes....what next!

Dearest Darlings,
Its weird but I'm ready for home now :) I cried so much as I was leaving Petro. Members even came to the train station to say goodbye and ran with the train as it headed off. It's weird how I have only known these people for 2 and a half months but they have become family to me. This week in the city has been exhausting and awesome and just weird. President Clark told me to fix anything if I saw that the sisters weren't doing the things they need to do. Each companinship I have been with this week has been completely different and it's weird how I have felt directed with them, and how they all had such different needs (dont worry correction wasn't necessary :) thank goodness. It was also weird but cool to be back in my first ward (because of the creation of the stake it is now a WARD and not a BRANCH like when I was there). It was weird to have my last sacrament here, but it was cool to see that the members all remember me and love me so much still. I totally thought they would have forgotten me by now. AND it was cool cuz I could actually talk to them and understand them haha. I mean I could before, but I didnt understand too much. Maybe I did learn some Russian on the mission :)
Today I have my exit interview with President Clark. I dont know what to expect. I'm guessing I'm going to be hearing about how I need to get married. Wow, the subject of marriage is EVERYWHERE these days. Here in Russia when you are saying bye to someone or congratulating them for something you "wish" or "desire" them things. Lately EVERYONE has been desiring me an amazing husband and talented kids.... everyone thinks more about my husband than I do! And being on these splits with the sisters they all keep telling me I'm going to get home and get married right away. Every American sister that has come home from this mission has gotten engaged within like 3 months from getting home. Gah. I'M SO SICK OF MARRIAGE and I haven't even finished yet! haha. Don't worry I promise you I want to get married. And I'm even looking forward to it :) I am just not in any rush. Just marriage please leave me alone for a little bit ok???
I'm already exhausted. I haven't gotten like any sleep. Being on splits basically means SLEEPOVER and with me leaving it's just been crazy as I've had lots of great conversations each night.....
I like my happy little ending in St. Petersburg. I've felt so loved, and just enjoyed walking around the city that I love. I really do adore St. Petersburg. And Russia. And my mission. I've had a great goodbye session with all of it. I'm ready for the farewell, just not sure if I'm ready for this next chapter to start.
I'm happy and I'm ready. I'm pretty sure I cried all my tears out in Petro, but we'll see today when I'm with President, he always seems to get me to cry.
Remember what I said everyone, mom is the first hug, then dad and the sibs. Love you all to bunches.
с любовью
сестра Тенни
до скорого!

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